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This tutorial was written by me and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

It would be nice if you let me know you have tried my tutorials I love to see what you do with them or at least acknowledge that you have done it I like to get some feedback on what you think send me a copy and I will add them to my slide show.

Supplies needed:

PSP (I used PSP 9) but should work on any
Animation Shop

Filters used:
Eyecandy 4000 – HSB Noise

Tube of choice I am using the beautiful artwork of Barbara Jensen if you wish to use her work then you must purchase a license from

The Scrap kit I used is by Sylvie it’s called Sweet Valentine and you can get it :

The mask I used is WSL_Mask181 thank you again Chelle and you can get it at:

Okay lets get started

Open a new image 700 x 700 and Flood fill white we can resize later

Copy and paste Element 62 (Ribbon Frame) I resized it by 80% and with your magic wand click inside the ribbon frame remember to select the little bits as well then Selections – Modify and expand by 5 then Copy & Paste Paper 7 and Selections – invert and hit delete on the keyboard and drop the paper layer below the ribbon frame then making your ribbon frame the active layer give it a drop shadow.

Now click on and make active your background layer Copy and Paste Paper 3 then Layers – Load/Save Mask – Load Mask from Disk and locate WSL_Mask181 and okay make the group layer active in your layer palette and right click and merge group (I drew the mask in a bit using the Raster Deform tool so it just shows below the frame see mine for reference) now copy and paste Element 42 (Flower) ( and duplicate it so you have 4) just above the Mask layer move these around get them where you think looks best or see mine for reference then on the top flower layer Merge down till you get all 4 on one layer then duplicate it and on the bottom layer go to Adjust- Blur – Guassian Blur and set the radius to 30 and okay I then copy and pasted and resized Elements 66 & 67 and placed it to the right of the ribbon frame using the eraser tool I erased the stems at the bottom then I copied and pasted Element 32 I resized it and placed it under the flowers to make it look as if the flowers were growing out of the pot.

Now Copy & Paste your tube, duplicate it and drop one of these layers below the ribbon frame and using your eraser tool erase away any bits that are hanging over the frame. Give the tube below the frame a drop shadow.

Image – Resize – All Layers checked 500 x 500 Smart size

Add your name, the artists copyright and your watermark

Drop shadow each layer with settings 3, 3, 50, 5 colour black

If you don’t wish to animate then save your Tag now as a Jpeg if you wish to animate then carry on.


Click on the paper layer that is inside the ribbon frame and Effects – Eyecandy 4000 – HSB Noise with these settings: 25,30, 40, 0, 42, 42 – smooth lumps and make sure seamless tile is checked, click okay then Copy Merged and take it to Animation Shop then Edit – Paste as a new animation, back in PSP click undo once then Effects – Eyecandy 4000 – HSB Noise with the same settings just hit the random button Copy Merged and take it to AS – Edit – paste after the current frame and back again to PSP click undo once and again in HSB Noise hit the random button Copy Merged and take it to AS then Edit – paste after the current frame then Edit – Select all – Animation – Animation Properties – make sure opaque is checked and change the colour to white and click okay then Animation – animation properties and set it to 20.

View your Tag and if happy save as a Gif.

Thank you for trying my tutorial.


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