Wednesday, 8 July 2009


This tutorial was written by me, and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

Supplies needed:

PSP (I used PSP 9)
Animation Shop
Filter Xenofex 2 – Constellation

Font I used : Al Sandra

Drop shadow used throughout is 5, 5, 50, 5

Tube of choice I am using the fantastic artwork of Jennifer Janesko if you wish to use her artwork then you need to purchase a license at CILM HERE

The Template No.: 50 is from Simone at http://www.sophisticatsimonepsptutorials.comHERE

Masks from weescotslass Chelle – WSL_Mask 167 & 187, thanks again Chelle you can get them HERE

Scrapkit is called Masquerade and you can get it from HERE

Put your masks in your mask folder.

Open your template and delete the copyright layer, click on the background layer and Image – Canvas size and increase it to 700 x700 and flood fill white (we can resize later)

Click on the paper layer in your layer palette Selections – Select all – Selection – Float – Selection – Defloat, copy and paste a paper of your choice (I used paper 5)
Selections – invert and hit delete on your keyboard, now delete the original paper layer.

Do the same with Layers : 3 strips, Rectangle, Oval, Bow Ribbon & Stitch using papers of your choice (I used Paper 18, Paper 17, Paper 21, Paper 14 and Paper 7 respectively)

Now make your oval layer active and Selections – Select all – Selection – Float – Selection – Defloat and add your tube resizing if necessary then Selections – invert and hit delete on your keyboard

Make your white background layer active and copy and paste a paper of your choice I used Paper 6 and *Layers – Load/Save Mask – Load mask from disc and look for WSL_Mask 167 and apply then right click on Group layer in your layer palette and merge group* Then copy and paste paper of your choice again I used Paper 5 and do the same from * to * but using WSL_Mask 187 you might have to stretch both Mask Layers using your Raster Deform Tool and I rotated WSL_Mask 187 left by 45%

Now add whatever Elements you like I used Flowers 1, 2 and 3 resizing them by 50% and I used Bows 5 & 7 placing them one on top of each other.

Make the top Group Layer active and copy and paste the Enamel Splatter 01 resizing by 50% and place it at top right of your Tag then copy and paste Enamel Splatter 02 again resizing by 50% and place it left bottom I flipped Enamel Splatter 02 for the effect I wanted but it’s your choice.

I also added the diamond ( which I had in my supplies, I’m sure you have it too) to the centre of the flowers again it’s your choice.

Now resize to 550 x 550 and add the artists copyright and your watermark.

If you have added the diamonds then right click on the top one and merge down and do it again so you have the diamonds on the one layer now X out that layer click on one of the other layers and Merge Visible – Un X the diamond layer.

Add your name using one of the papers in your background and the foreground on black with a stroke of 1 solid line.

If you are happy with your Tag and don’t wish to animate then Merge all and save as a Jpeg.


Click on your diamond layer and Effects – Xenofex2 – Constellation and use these settings 1.98, 50, 50, 25, 50, 75 and make sure Keep Original Image is checked now copy merged and take it to AS and Edit – Paste as a new animation, * back in PSP click undo and apply the filter again but click on the random button and copy merged and in AS Edit – Paste – Paste after current frame *, do the same again from * to * then Animation – Animation Properties and make sure opaque is checked and change the colour to white click ok

View your animation and if happy Save as a Gif and your done.

Thank you for trying my tutorial and if you liked it give me a shout in my Cbox.