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I loved this Scrapkit so much I had to use it in this tutorial…..hope you all don’t mind.

This tutorial was written by me and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

It would be nice if you let me know you have tried my tutorials I love to see what you do with them, send me a copy and I will add them to my slide show.

Supplies needed:

PSP (I used PSP 9) but should work on any
Animation Shop
Filters used:
VM Natural Sparkle
Alien Skin Xenofex 2 - Constellation
EyeCandy 4000 - Gradient Glow

Tube of choice I am using the beautiful artwork of Lorenzo Sperlonga if you wish to use his artwork then you need to purchase a license from:

The Scrap kit I used is called Winter Angels (FTU) and you can get it from:

The mask I used is WSL_Mask119 thanks Chelle and you can download it from her site

Okay lets get started

Open a new image 700 x 700 we can resize later flood fill white
Copy & Paste the Frame which is embellishment 02 – resize it by 50% and move it up a bit and to the left and using your Raster Deform tool turn the frame (see mine for reference) now with your magic wand click inside the frame then Selections – Modify and Expand by 4 then copy and paste a paper of choice into selection – Select none and drop the paper below the frame and drop shadow the frame.

Make the Frame layer active and click inside with your magic wand again and Selections – Modify and expand by 4 then copy and paste your tube move it around till you get it just how you want it then Selections – Invert and hit delete on your keyboard now make your tube active and Selections – Modify – Feather and change the number of pixels to 50 tap the delete button until you have the featherd effect you would like I tapped twice.

Now click on and make active your background layer and Copy and Paste a paper of your choice then Layers – Load /Save Mask – Load Mask From Disk and look for WSL_Mask119 and apply – right click on the group layer in your layer palette and merge group I used the Raster Deform tool and stretched it a little on all sides, now Copy and Paste your main tube placing her to the right of the Frame

Add whatever Elements you want resizing it’s your choice I used Element 8 – snowy shrub and placed one in front of the frame and one behind my main tube Elements 39, 40, 41 (Feathers) rotating them slightly till I got them the way I wanted them behind the Frame, I also used Element 42 and resized it and placed it on both the tubes hair and with my eraser tool I removed stray bits of ribbon I copied and pasted Elements 30 & 32 placing them just above the mask.
Add the artists copyright and your watermark then add your name I used the Font Aquarelle using a colour to match the kit and giving it a Stroke of 1 with your Fill on white I also gave it a gradient glow with settings at : 3, 25, 100 and colour white
Give each layer a drop shadow 3, 3, 50, 5

Image – Resize – All Layers checked 500 x 500 Smart size

If you are using the same tube as me then go round the wings using the Freehand Selection tool then Duplicate it twice on the original one go to Effects – Plug ins – Alien Skin Xenofex 2 – Constellation and with these settings 0.85, 50, 50, 25, 50, 75 rotation 45 and make sure keep original image is checked then okay now X out the original one in your layer palette and make active your first duplication and do the same again but click on the random button and okay and X out this one too in your layer palette now go to your second duplication and again do the same clicking the random button and X out this duplication in your layer palette Now un-X the original layer and go to Effects – VM Natural – Sparkle with these settings 54, 255, 255, 255 and okay X this layer out again and Un-X the first duplication and do the same but hit the random button X this layer out again and Un-X the second duplication and doing the same again hit the random button then X out this layer you might have to watch while using the Sparkle plugin to make sure you don’t get it on the tubes face lol now Selections – Select none, Un-X the original Layer and copy merged and take it to Animation Shop and Edit – Paste as new Animation back in PSP X out the original layer and Un-X the first duplication and copy merged and take it to AS Edit – Paste after current frame back to PSP and X out the first duplication and Un – X the second duplication and copy merged and take it to AS and Edit – Paste after current frame, now Edit Select all then Animation – animation properties and check opaque and change the colour to white then Animation Frame properties and change the number to 25 – View your Animation and if happy then Save as a GifMany thanks for trying my tutorial and please leave a little luv if you enjoyed it.


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