Friday, 21 August 2009


Hope you all like my new layout it was made by Catarific of the only problem I am having is that it cuts off the Tags posted from Photoshop and I don't know how to get round it, It posts okay when I post an image direct from my PC but then the animations don't show, any how I will work on it and see if I can sort it out and if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this please give me a shout or email me and let me know.

I also just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have had a go at my tutorials and I know I have been a bit slow at posting new ones lately but our business relies on tourism and it has been booming over the summer holidays so I haven't had much time for anything but hopefully it will quieten down soon and I can get back to doing what I love best PSP YAAAAAAA!!!! lol

Anyway leave a little luv if you try my Tuts I like to know I am not putting a lot of hard work in for nothing lol

Keep Tutting away lol and I promise I will be posting a new Tut soon.

Lyn X

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