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This tutorial was written by me, and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

Supplies needed:

PSP (I used PSP 9)
Animation Shop

Tube of choice I am using the beautiful artwork of Jennifer Janesko if you wish to use her artwork then you need to purchase a license at CILM HERE

The Scrap kit I used is by Jessica at Scraps By Jessica …. thank you Jessica and is called Moments Like This (FTU) and you can get it HERE

The first mask I used WSL_Mask 181 and you can get it athttp://weescotslasscreations.blogspot.com HERE
The second mask I used Vix_Mask 02 and you can get it at http://www.freewebs.com HERE

Filters used:
Eye Candy 5 – impact – brushed metal

Unzip your supplies and put the masks into your mask folder

Open a new Image 700 x 700 and flood fill white
Copy and paste paper 9 from the kit (or choose your own)
Then Layers – Load/Save Mask – Load mask from disk and look
WSL_Mask 181, fit to layer, source luminance, fit to layer all checked
Invert transparency unchecked and okay, right click the group layer in your layer palette and merge group and then do the same again with the Vix_Mask 02 after merging the Vix Mask group use your Raster Deform Tool to stretch it (see mine for reference)

Copy and paste Goldframe_1 resizing it by 80% click inside the frame with your magic wand and Selections- modify and expand by 4 then copy and paste a paper of your choice (I chose paper 7) then Selections - invert and hit delete on your keyboard and drop the paper layer under the frame layer, Selections – none and give your frame a drop shadow of your choice

Copy and paste your tube (I chose a sitting tube and placed her sitting on the edge of the frame) but you could use a tube from the waist and erase any parts that overlap the frame.

Add and resize any elements of your choice (see mine for reference) I also added the floweronstiches below the paper & frame but above the 2 masks.

Add artists copyright and watermark then add your name I used font Bluenote.

If you are happy with your Tag and don’t wish to animate then Layers and merge & flatten and save as a Jpeg and your done if you would like to animate your Tag then carry on below.


Click on the paper behind the frame and Effects – plugins – Alien Eye Candy 5 Impact – Brushed Metal with the settings below

Hand Brushed
Direction – 0
Metal Colour – same colour as your paper behind the frame
and okay, copy merged and paste into animation shop as a new animation
back in PSP and click undo once and apply the filter again but click the random button once and again copy merged and edit & paste into AS after the current frame, do the same again remembering to click the random button again and paste after the current frame.

Edit, select all then Animation, animation properties, click opaque and colour white and okay then frame properties and change the display time to 15, view your animation and if happy save as a GIF and your done.

Many thanks for trying my tutorial.

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